8th FERO meeting

FP 7 Strong Gravity

FERO young


11th – 15th of September 2016


Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects

The FERO project was founded in February 2008 when the first meeting was held at the European Space Astronomy Center nearby Madrid. Since then, the FERO collaboration continues to conduct a systematic analysis to search for the presence of relativistic features in the X-ray spectra of nearby, bright Seyfert galaxies. These observations are used to study the global properties of accretion flows in the strong relativistic regime. The analysis of the FERO sample is based on high-quality X-ray data combined with the state-of-the-art modeling tools.

The ongoing work within the FERO collaboration regularly gives rise to new observational campaigns, which is why the FERO meetings are usually scheduled before the next call for XMM-Newton and NuSTAR proposals. This time we plan a meeting at the Winery Hnanice in the South Moravia (Czech Republic). The workshop will consist of several review talks and it will give large room for discussion and planning of future actions. We are looking forward to meet in a friendly and relaxed environment of southern Moravian wineries.