Vojtěch Witzany

Vojtěch Witzany

email: vojtech.witzany@asu.cas.cz
phone: +420 226 258 442

Vojtěch is a postdoc at the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences since October 2018. He did his PhD at the ZARM Institute in Bremen, Germany, under the supervision of Claus Lämmerzahl.

Vojtěch's interests include the theoretical description of matter fields near astrophysical black holes including conservation laws and exact solutions in relativistic fluid dynamics. Since recently he also investigates finite-size effects in gravitational-wave inspirals.

Vojtěch also participates in teaching and outreach. Apart from taking some minor parts in university teaching, he has contributed to the Physical correspondence seminar of the Charles university FYKOS, and wrote several popular-science articles for the Czech magazine Respekt about topics such as the anniversary of the Hubble space telescope, the first LIGO detection, the Event Horizon Telescope, or the recent observations of the neutron-star binary mergers.

You can see Vojtěch's preprints at arXiv and metrics at Google Scholar.