Black hole accretion in Alps 2010

August 14 – 21


Michal Bursa (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Michal Dovciak (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Jan Cechura (Astronomical Institute, Charles University, Prague)
Rene Goosmann (Strasbourg University)
Jaroslav Haas (Astronomical Institute, Charles University, Prague)
Jiri Horak (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Vladimir Karas (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Tomas Pechacek (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Agata Rozanska (Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw)
Aleksander Sadowski (Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw)
Vjaceslav Sochora (Astronomical Institute, Charles University, Prague)
Ladislav Subr (Astronomical Institute, Charles University, Prague)

Scientific program

We have saved most of time for discussions and work on subjects connected with current research projects of the group members:
  • Estimating black-hole spins from spectral continuum and Fe florescence
  • Time and frequency evolution of Sgr A* flares/jets
  • Star dynamics in galaxy cores
  • Accretion disk flow at the inner edge
  • Polarization of Sgr A* radiation and X-ray polarization in general


Gargellen (1500 a.s.l.), Vorarlberg region, Austria