Black hole accretion in Tyrol 2008

August 23 – 30


Michal Bursa (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Michal Dovciak (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Jaroslav Haas (Astronomical Institute, Charles university, Prague)
Jiri Horak (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Vladimir Karas (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Wlodek Kluzniak (Copernicus Center, Warsaw)
Tomas Pechacek (Astronomical Institute, Prague)
Ladislav Subr (Astronomical Institute, Charles university, Prague)
Mohammad Zamaninasab (University of Cologne)

Scientific programme

We saved most of time for discussions and work on subjects connected with current research projects of the group members:
  • Traces of light-circle variability in AGN/microquasar lightcurves
  • Time and frequency evolution of Sgr A* flares
  • Oscillations of thin accretion disks, linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Accretion disk flow at the inner edge
  • Polarization of Sgr A* radiation


Fügen (Pankrazberg, 860m) – Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria
The former mountain farm, located in a beautiful solitary position with a view of the surrounding mountains and meadows.
[workshop-tyrol-2008/workshop-tyrol-scenery.png] Google map