AGN Spectral States

Unification of Black Holes
across the Mass Scale

27-28th of November 2019

Vila Lanna, V Sadech 1, Prague

Scope of the meeting

This meeting is to review our current knowledge of the accretion states of supermassive black holes in active galactic nuclei (AGN), their similarities and differences from the X-ray binaries. The main goal of the meeting is to discuss and set plans for collaborative work to progress in our understanding of AGN spectral states with the emphasis on whether the various AGN jet properties (radio dichotomy) are due to different spin values or rather related to accretion properties, similarly as for X-ray binaries.


Wednesday, 27th Nov

10:30 - 18:00: AGN Spectral States, Radio View of AGN States, Effects of Obscuration

Thursday, 28th Nov

9:30 - 17:00: AGN State Transitions, Physics of Accretion Discs

Friday, 29th Nov

Continuing discussion and work

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Riccardo Arcodia • Peter Boorman • Abhijeet Borkar • Elia Chiaraluce • Michal Dovčiak • Matteo Guainazzi • Munawwar Khanduwala • Daniel Kynoch • Beatriz Mingo • Hirofumi Noda • Mat Page • Francesca Panessa • Jiří Svoboda • Martin Ward • Wenda Zhang

Venue & Accommodation

Vila Lanna is a representative villa of the Czech Academy of Sciences that is located at a nice residential area in a walking distance from the Prague castle. It is conveniently accessible from the airport by public transportation - take the bus 119 from the airport to its final stop at the metro station Veleslavin and then take the metro to Hradcanska (3 stops). Vila Lanna is in a walking distance from Hradcanska. More information about the venue is at:

Registration & Abstract submission

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until 30th of October 2019