Seminars take place in the lecture room of the Spořilov building (see contacts) unless noted otherwise.

Scheduled seminars

Effects of dynamic environment on galaxy evolution

Boris Deshev

Mergers of structures on scales of galaxy groups or larger are common in LCDM universe where small structures form first and then grow primarily through mergers with other structures. We use data from the LoCuSS survey to investigate the effects these highly energetic events have on the galaxies residing within the merging units. We probe a range of mass scales from accretion of large groups onto clusters with mass ratio ~1:10 to a massive cluster mergers like A520 with a mass ratio ~1:1. We employ Lick index measurements and full spectrum fitting to find the star-formation history of the galaxies and correlate that with the recent history of the environment in which they are embedded.

TBD (Structures in external galaxies, 3D spectroscopy on Russian 6-m and 2.5-m telescopes)

Alexei Moiseev

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