Seminars archive

X-ray polarization from astrophysical sources

Giorgio Matt

Comparative Study of GMCs in the Local Group

Yasuo Fukui

White Dwarfs in Our Galaxy

Adela Kawka

X-ray probing the properties of dust and gas in the nuclear environment of active galaxies: recent Chandra and XMM-Newton results

Matteo Guainazzi

Rapid variability in active galactic nuclei

Vladimir Karas

Magnetorotational Instability and MHD in AGN

Michal Bursa

Sheepish initiation in surfing on wavelets

Martin Topinka

Galaxy Clusters - Ram Pressure Stripping

Pavel Jachym

Narrow line regions in AGN

Ivana Stoklasova

Magellanic Clouds and Milky Way - Observations versus Simulations

Claudia Bruens, Christian Bruens, Christian Theis

Storm of Ideas - GRB's, Interacting Galaxies and Finland

Martin Topinka

X-ray flares in AGN accretion disks

Rene Goosmann

Monte Carlo Simulations

Petr Novacek

3D spectroscopy of active galaxies

Bruno Jungwiert

Cold electron collisions in the Universe

David Field

Observational Effects of Strong Gravity

Kris Beckwith

Winds - A new paradigm for AGNs?

Vladimir Karas

Sgr A*

Ladislav Subr

Ram pressure stripping

Pavel Jachym

On spectral lines from accretion discs

Tomas Pechacek

X-ray spectroscopy of black holes

Andrew Fabian

The amazing X-ray binary GRS 1915 105

Andrea Martocchia

Cosmic time machines: a new powerhouse in the universe?

Fernando de Felice

The shortest time of optical variability - The circle of light

Michal Bursa

Layered disks: hydrodynamical simulations with radiation transport

Richard Wunsch