The Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit (BHPToolkit) is a global collaboration dedicated to creating an open-source repository of software, data and results related to black hole perturbation theory. These tools are important in the theory of gravitational waves, specifically in the modelling of inspirals of stellar-mass objects into massive black holes. The BHPToolkit workshops bring together researchers that are already using and developing the toolkit as well as scientists and students that are looking to do so.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the hosting country of the Spring 2020 BHPToolkit workshop, Czechia, has restricted access to foreigners and banned public events. Even though there is talk about loosening these restrictions in the near future, we cannot guarantee that you would be able to come and/or that we would be able to hold the workshop by May. Consequently, we were forced to cancel the Prague workshop.

Instead of the face-to-face meeting, we will hold a virtual workshop consisting of a chain of video-conferences and a hackathon that will take place on the same dates ( May 25-27, CEST afternoons ). We will post the necessary organizational details a few weeks before the date of the virtual workshop.

To boost the networking potential, it would be great if you told us about ongoing, planned or finished projects for which you either used or would like to use the BHPToolkit during the workshop. To help us organize a session with these informal project showcases, we need to get an idea of how many people would like to talk about their projects. So no matter how small your project, please register here to tell us about it in a 5-minute showcase during the workshop!

If you need a confirmation that you planned to attend the event and it got cancelled, or if you have any other questions, please write an email to vojtech.witzany at You can still register for the workshop on the Registration page to receive e-mail alerts.