Seminars take place in the lecture room of the Spořilov building (see contacts) unless noted otherwise.

Scheduled seminars

Active black holes across space and time

Dr. David Garofalo

Beginning in the 1970’s and with the aid of decades of numerical simulations, the ‘spin paradigm’ today purports to explain black hole accretion and jet formation across space and time. Unfortunately, there is substantial tension between predictions and observations. I show how opening up counterrotation between black holes and accretion disks as a possibility, resolves the tension and leads to a coarse-grained understanding of a number of unresolved issues in high energy astrophysics including the redshift distribution of active galactic nuclei, the radio loud/radio quiet dichotomy, the association of excitation class with radio morphology, the cluster richness dependence of AGN, and the behavior of microquasars, among others. Including input from observations of jet/ISM coupling into the model, I will also describe recent insights into the AGN-star formation connection over cosmic time.

Location: Online

Meeting link: Password: 5114 Meeting ID: 82820148114


Dr. Dorota Kozieł-Wierzbowska

Location: Online

Meeting link: Passcode: 478000 Meeting ID: 958 3059 5831

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