Annual meetings of Prague Relativistic Astrophysics Group

2020 (Höf, St. Michael/Lungau, Austria, 25 July–01 August 2020)
2018 (Mittersill, Austria, 23–30 June 2018)
2016 (Bramberg am Wildkogel, Austria, 11–18 June 2016)
2014 (Mandling, Austria, 19–26 July 2014)
2012 (Heiligenblut, Austria, 11–18 August 2012)
2011 (Ginzling, Austria, 6–13 August 2011)
2010 (Gargellen, Austria, 14–21 August 2010)
2009 (Leogang, Austria, 14–21 June 2009)
2008 (Fügen, Austria, 23–30 August 2008)

Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics

Since 1978, the Texas Symposium has the tradition of moving around the globe and taking place at various cities. In December 2021, the rich history of Prague in the context of physics, astronomy, and gravitation theory will be complemented by the 31st Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics coming there.

Cologne–Prague–Kiel (CPK) Meetings

Recent discoveries in Galactic center and AGN physics have been achieved through high-resolution observations. These need to be compared to theoretical and computational models. CPK workshops bring together members of our groups to support their long-term collaboration; other interested participants are most welcome. The first Meeting took place in Kiel 2013. The Meeting of 2015 (Prague, 9–10 November 2015) could be considered as particularly symbolic because of an (almost) precise coincidence with 100th anniversary of Einstein's General Relativity. The Meeting of 2016 (Cologne, 30 November–02 December 2016), and the  Meeting of 2017 (Prague, 11–15 December 2017) overlapped with traditional events of Cologne/Bonn and Prague Advent. Most recently, two in-person meetings took place in 2022: the Meeting in Brno was oriented on Black-hole activity feedback from Bondi-radius to galaxy-cluster scales, and the 10th anniversary Meeting focused on Large Scale Star Formation and Supermassive Black Holes and took place in Cologne.

FERO Meetings

Titled Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects (FERO), this series of workshops aims at a systematic analysis of well defined samples of high quality X-ray observations of nearby X-ray bright AGNs to study the signature of X-ray illuminated relativistic accretion disks in the spectral and timing domain. We organised the 1st Meeting in European Space Astronomy Center, Villafranca del Castillo in February 2008. The 6th Meeting was hosted by Prague Relativistic Astrophysics group in late summer 2012. The 8th Meeting was held in Southern Moravia in September 2016.

StrongGravity Kick-off Meeting

The starting kick-off meeting of our new StrongGravity project is hosted by Prague Relativistic Astrophysics group on 26–27 February 2013. This five year EU-FP7 project brings together scientists from seven top European research institutions and universities, including the Astronomical Institute in Prague. The final meeting of the Consortium has been scheduled for 16th February 2018 in Brussels.

Conference on Relativity and Gravitation

At the end of June 2012, a conference "Relativity and Gravitation – 100 years after Einstein in Prague" will be held in Prague and our group participates on its organization. The main theme of this meeting is to summarize the development in the theory of general of relativity and its applications is astronomy and cosmology over past 100 years.

Conference on Probing Strong Gravity

In February 2010 we organized an international conference "Probing Strong Gravity Near Black Holes". The meeting discussed approaches to study strong gravity effects near black holes of all masses, including mainly line and continuum spectroscopy, timing, polarimetry and imaging.

IAU General Assembly in Prague

Symposium Black Holes from Stars to Galaxies at the 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Prague (21–25 August 2006). Proceedings can be ordered from Cambridge University Press.